A Seamless Platform for the Smart Traveler

We launched Ojimah to meet the need for a user-centric interface where travelers can accomplish all their travel needs in one go! A need that to this point has not been adequately met!

We are a Digital Tourism Agency created to mitigate the negative impacts of Tourism whilst promoting the social, cultural, and environmental wellbeing of the local community.

Built for the Industry, by the Industry

Our “three-in-one” solution built for the industry, by the industry  responds to the goals of our strategic plan by building a bridge between the tourist and the tourism supply ecosystem through a platform that not only digitizes tourism supply but also aggregates and enhances data and enables ongoing collaboration among tourism players.


Ojimah’s Key Features

Below are a few of Ojimah’s key features that you may not find in other online travel platforms:

Customers now have full access to our global inventory which includes over four hundred different airlines, hundreds of hotels, activities, an automated e-Visa application, airport lounges, worldwide travel requirements and restrictions, eSim, and ultimately Auto Check-In.


Industry Cohesion

Our "three-in-one" solution facilitates a win-win situation for all Industry Players, Travelers, and Destinations. In addition, it intends to change the dynamics of travel worldwide.

We provide our partners with a higher level of digital maturity and visibility through a robust technology that enables ease in distribution management, ticketing and sales, all through one control panel.

Our Team

Ojimah's team is first and foremost a product of the hospitality industry therefore, we are in the perfect position to help our industry to bounce back from Covid-19 and to embody the digital transformation that today’s traveler expect.

We pride ourselves in having a powerful group of travel revolutionaries – each skilled and enthusiastic in their particular field of expertise.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: to make travel more enjoyable, more sustainable, more attainable, and to facilitate a win–win situation for industry players, travelers, and destinations.

Our Vision: to leave a positive footprint in the world where tourism actively contributes to the environment and community wellbeing by providing bespoke services.