Destination Management

Planning the Long-term Success of your Destination.


People travel for a variety of reasons: to escape, explore, understand, and participate. But at the core of the experience lies the destination — the place that hands something to the traveler to keep forever and share with others.

The tourism industry is a trillion-dollar global business. Over 1.2 billion people travel abroad every year to experience the world’s diverse cultures and physical environments. Serious logistics are in play with this.  

Great destinations are those great places that provide ample reasons to live, work, and of course, visit. Owing to their huge potential to generate incremental growth in visitor economies and maximize its benefit in the long term, it is necessary to ensure proper management of destinations. 

What Ojimah does is to represent the voice of African Destinations to potential visitors. Ojimah partners with several African Tourism Boards for the purpose of attracting visitors to their specific countries.

Our platform brings together organizations that serve all aspects of the visitor experience – from lodging providers, airlines, attractions operators, travel agents, restaurants, and retailers – so that they can share insights into what makes their community stand out as a tourist destination.  

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