About us

Translated as ‘Collective Work and Responsibility, Ojimah embodies the value of using our collective energy to economically benefit our community. 

Our Mission: to accelerate the growth of Africa’s Tourism by opening the region to all tourists, international and local.   

Our Vision is to leave our footprint in a world where tourism actively contributes to the environment and community well-being by providing bespoke service.


With 54 countries calling it home, Africa is a continent filled with a melting pot of cultures, beautiful nature, and history. But when we look at media coverage, the picture is very different, why? We have been told, "negativity sells." But despite its survivalist origins, the negative bias can lead to a warped perception of reality. 

Due to the "negativity sells" policy, success stories, development projects and growth in African nation are not given as much coverage. All that contributes to damage the "Brand Africa".

In fact, the second largest continent only has 4.8% of the World Tourism Market Share. 

Africa is joy, knowledge, progress, love, culture, strength, beauty, nature, power, wealth, health, music, humanity, history, unity, peace. In essence, Africa is LIFE. 

Wouldn’t it be great if the rest of the world got to experience these aspects first-hand? 

Ojimah is here to show the world that Africa is a truly unique travel destination: it is safe, comfortable, and has something to offer to everyone.